Monday, May 13, 2013

Restaurant Review: ARC Restaurant!

Finally got to check out ARC, a great new restaurant in Costa Mesa in the OC Mart Mix that is also the home to Portola Coffee Lab and Seventh Tea Bar!
 This non-descript building is the home to ARC!
ARC cooks everything over fire and you can see that by the cords of wood at the entrance that you are going to be in for something entirely different. This a throw back to the time when cooks used only fire as their fuel.
There is not a lot of seating and because of this they do not take reservations. So, we ordered some beer and waited for a table or three seats at the bar. They also offer wine and make some great looking cocktails. I will order one of their cocktails next time for sure.
The bar is a great way to watch the chefs at work. Because the place is fairly tiny, it makes for a much more intimate setting.
We ordered a few items to start. Everything is cooked over the open flame so everything comes in an iron pan! Careful these pans are going to be hot! We each ordered an appetizer. The meatballs came out first. There are three large meatballs in a fresh marina sauce. The meatball was perfectly cooked. It had a slight crust on the outside but was nice and light pink on the inside. The meat literally melted in my mouth! Great start! You also get a couple slices of wonderful garlic bread!
We also ordered the dip, a delicious concoction of tomatoes, peppers and ricotta with more of that amazing garlic bread to scoop it up with!
We also ordered the calamari which was a perfect blend of calamari, onions, shishito peppers and potatoes mixed with vinegar and citrus.
ARC also cuts all of its own meat and has special aged cuts that are off menu. One of my friends is a huge meat fan and asked if he could see the choices. The presentation was fantastic and they recommended that since this was our first time here to order off the menu and see if we liked their style of cooking and when we come back and if we would like a different cut of meat then we can order from there special selection.
There was another tray that was brought out with some expensive cuts. Perhaps next time.
One of my friends went with the tart which was a flatbread with onions, parsley and their hand cut bacon.
My other friend and I both went with the steak! This dish was amazing! The potatoes were great and dare I say the portion was too much! The steak was cooked to perfection! There is a slight crust on the steak seasoned with salt and the meat was still pink on the inside. It was moist and tender and if I had room I would have ordered another one.

Great service, a fun environment that seems to have quite a few regulars, plus great food makes this a new favorite of mine! I can't wait to come back!

Oh and they do not offer desserts on the menu. This may change in time! Keeping my fingers crossed!

ARC Restaurant Food & Libations

3321 Hyland Ave
Ste F

Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(949) 500-5561
Mon-Fri 11 am - 11 pm
Sat-Sun 10 am - 11 pm

All photos taken with the HTC One and not touched up or enchanced! These are the raw photo files!

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