Thursday, September 30, 2010

JT Schmid's $30 prix fixe menu options during OC Restaurant Week

So Steph and I went out to JT Schmid's this evening to try their $30 prix fixe menu and I have to say we were both impressed. The attention of the staff wasn't the best but it soon picked up by our wonderful waitress.

The $30 prix fixe menu includes a flight of their craft beers. That alone is worth trying the prix fixe meal.

The first course that I selected was the ahi poke which was exceptional. The tuna was just grade a sashimi. It was served on a wonton chip over a nice fresh green lettuce and a ponzo style sauce. Steph went with the chicken and avocado eggrolls. She thoroughly enjoyed them.

The second course was the blue cheese top sirloin steak. I choose the homemade coleslaw and garlic mashed potatoes as my sides. I should have went with Steph and got the rack of baby back ribs which as you can see in the photo below this review that it was a full rack of ribs. Steph only ate like half of them because the portion was just that huge.

For the third course Steph went with the double fudge ice cream sandwich. It was rich and creamy. Just perfect! I went with the bread pudding which was amazing. It was served nice and warm as it was made fresh and came right out of the oven.

We had a great time and the food was great with enormous portions. So come hungry. Just don't expect the best hostesses.

So you have a few days left for OC Restaurant Week or you'll have to wait until next year!

Steph went with the double fudge ice cream sandwich

For dessert I had the bread pudding

I went with the bleu cheese steak

2nd course Steph had the full rack of ribs

Steph had the chicken and avocado eggrolls

1st course I had the ahi poke

Flight of beer

It's time for another dining adventure!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review of RA Sushi in HB

As my first tour on the OC Restuarant Week I went with my friend Kevin to RA Sushi to try their prix fixe $20 four course dinner. I was afraid that I wouldn't be full on only four courses but I was happily proven wrong! There are about three or four different options for each course.

The first course I choose your basic edamame but with garlic and rock salt. The portion size was much larger than I expected!

The next course I choose the spicy crispy treats. They were these really tasty rice paper hand rolls stuffed with crispy rice and spicy tuna, mixed with cucumber, lettuce and avacado. They also came with a nice and spicy soy chili sauce.

For my third course I decided to go with the Viva Las Vegas roll. Perhaps too much Vegas on my mind! But this roll was unique and amazingly tasty! It's a realyl ncie blend of crab and cream cheese that is tempura fried
 with spicy tuna on top.The sauce is a nice sweet eel sauce.

And for the finally both Kevin and I ordered the cinammom temupra ice cream. Our waitress warned us both about how massive this dessert was and I scoffed at first. Then this massive plate of fried goodliness came out. Just amazing!

So come and check out RA or revisit it! A great and friendly staff. Not really kid friendly since the atmosphere is very club like. I'll be back for more RA Sushi! I'll be back!

4th course : Cinammon Tempura ice cream

3rd course : Viva Las Vegas Roll from RA Sushi

2nd course : Spicy Rice Crispy Treats

1st course : garlic edamame from RA Sushi

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Jason at the Mitsuwa Food Court

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Jason at PBR Rock Bar in Vegas

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