Monday, February 28, 2011

Review of Freebirds World Burritos

Oh man where to begin? This place is amazing! Today was their first day of operation and I will be back time and time again! The vibe here is hip and cool! The service is right up there with Disney! If these guys can maintain their outstanding level of customer service - they will be the example!
The food is fresh and just delicious! I went with some friends and my buddy James and I went for the gold - the super monster burrito! They also do tacos and salads as well! You assemble this 7 pound piece of art by first choosing your tortilla. There are four to choose from. Then you choose between two types of rice. Then you choose your cheese. Then you choose your main meat or fish or vegetables. Now the real fun begins with 10 types of sauces, and tons of options! Add a drink and tortilla chipe or a cookie or a brownie and your meal is complete!
I took my first bite and was blown away. It was fresh and flavorful and not oily and greasy like other places! I went through about half of my burrito while James devoured his! Great place. We were all full from the experience! We will be back and one day I too will conquer the super monster burrito!

Super Monster Burrito at FreeBirds

The March Sasaki Food Time logo by Jerrod Maruyama is up!

Once again the amazingly talented Jerrod Maruyama has created a fantastic St. Patrick's Day logo for Sasaki Food time! Check it out! As always - thank you for the wonderful artwork Jerrod!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OC Restaurant week is Back! Feb 27th - March 5th!

That's right OC Restaurant Week is back starting this coming Sunday! Check out the link to see all the participating restaurants and their prix fixe menus! I had a great time last year trying old favorites and discovering some great new places! Have fun and please tell me what places you want to check out!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Review of Zendejas Mexican Restaurant

I finally made it out to Zendejas Mexican Restaurant in San Dimas. This family run operation was recommended by my friend Jack and his lovely fiancé Melissa. Melissa is part of the Zendajas family and it is owned by Tony Zendejas former kicker for the Rams.

Everything is made from scratch and you can taste how fresh everything is. I had the carne asada burrito enchilada style. It was one of the largest burritos ever. After my first bite, I will come back again and again. I seriously polished off the burrito in about 5 minutes and could have easily had another one. It was so flavorful and the carne asada was so moist and tender. I cannot wait to come back again and try more of the menu.

Tony Zendejas - former Rams kicker and I at Zendejas Mexican Restaurant

Carne Asada burrito enchilada style at Zendejas Mexican Restaurant

Chips and salsa from Zendejas Mexican Restaurant

Friday, February 18, 2011

Review of Mama Cozza's

If I was Italian I'm sure this is what it would be like to visit my grandmother's! This is a place that my roommate and her boyfriend have encouraged me to go to for some time now and now I am sad I never went here sooner! I can't imagine all the great Italian cooking I've been missing!

The atmosphere feels old world. The service is fantastic and the food is even better! You start off with a nice plate of vegetables featuring carrots, celery, pickles and peppers. I then had a wonderful hot bowl of white clam chowder which was perfect on this rainy night! The chowder is thick and filled with large pieces of clams and potatoes. Next us was the dinner salad, nothing new but still nice to have soup and salad for dinner. I ordered the classic spaghetti and meatballs. First of all the noodles are perfect, not one overcooked or undercooked noodle on the plate. The sauce is rich and flavorful. The meatballs are perfectly cooked with a nice even color throughout, no pink center or burnt outside here. The portions are large which is perfect for me and I took home half of my entree! for dessert my roommate ordered my friend and I the tiramisu. Now I am not a fan of tiramisu, but she didn't know that. Well, I can proudly say that after eating the tiramisu at Mama cozza's I am now a fan. This was light and creamy, not hard like most places.

I will be back Mama Cozza's, I'll be back!

Tiramisu at Mama Cozza's

Spaghetti and meatballs at Mama Cozza's

Dinner salad at Mama Cozza's

Fried mozzarella at Mama Cozza's

Clam chowder at Mama Cozza's

Vegetable medley at Mama Cozza's

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cocoa Lounge at Palm Terrace

wow! What an amazing experience! Complete chocolate overload! First of all I want to thank the wonderful people at the Palm Terrace for their hospitality tonight and great service! Second, I would like to thank my friends for coming out on a Sasaki Food time Adventure into chocolate! This must be what it's like going into the Wonka Factory! I didn't get to try everything because I was just too full! But here are some of my favorites:

The snicker's cake is one of my favorites. It just bursts with flavor and tastes like they melted several snicker's bars into the cake!

The white chocolate mousse squares were light and airy. Just delicious!

The pot de cremes was a nice rich chocolate pudding.

The port truffles were my absolute favorite! You could taste the port wine mixed in the rich and milky chocolate. Just a pure delight!

The chocolate chip bread pudding was also another winner. Piping hot and the bread pudding is one of the best I have ever had!

Just amazing desserts and all you care to eat for $18. You cannot beat that deal! The Cocoa Lounge is only available until the 26th of this month. It is Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. If this is an annual event for them, it will become an annual event for me!

The Palm Terrace is located in The Island hotel in Newport Beach. They offer complimentary valet for those going to the Cocoa Lounge.

Chocolate chip bread pudding @ Cocoa Lounge

Chocolate lollipops @ Cocoa Lounge

Coconut almond chocolate dipped macaroons @ Cocoa Lounge

Port truffles @ Cocoa Lounge

Vanilla custard filled eclairs @ Cocoa Lounge

Banana chocolate mousse cake @ Cocoa Lounge

Chocolate fudge cookie s'mores @ Cocoa Lounge

Chocolate cupcakes @ Cocoa Lounge

Pot de cremes @ Cocoa Lounge

Mankato obsession @ Cocoa Lounge

White chocolate strawberry shortcake @ Cocoa Lounge

White chocolate mousse squares @ Cocoa Lounge

Chocolate pudding cake @ Cocoa Lounge

German chocolate cake @ Cocoa Lounge

Milk chocolate cheesecake at Cocoa Lounge

Snicker's Cake at Cocoa Lounge

Chocolate caramel tarts at Cocoa Lounge

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sasaki Food Time Merchandise!

I just added a link to view my merchandise right on this blog! So check it out! If there is an item you would like to see the logo on, just let me know!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Taco Asylum!

Today I finally went to Taco Asylum in Costa Mesa and was it ever worth the wait! They also own the Haven Gastropub in Orange.

They offer a fine selection of been on tap or in cans. There is also a broad selection of sodas as well. I decided on the hemp ale which is like a Newcastle but not as sweet.

For my taco selection, I went with the flight, which is the best place to start if you are a first timer like I am! right off the bat you can tell the ingredients are fresh and above your regular taco place. The 8 tacos that are offered at octopus, pork belly, short rib, lamb, duck, wild mushroom, corazon, and curried paneer.

While all the tacos are delicious, my favorites were the pork belly, short rib, wild mushroom and the octopus. The pork belly and short rib are definitely Asian inspired with wonderful pickled vegetables and pull apart melt in your mouth meat. I consider the meat to be like kalua pork. These two I would order time and time again! The wild mushroom took me by surprise as I am not a mushroom fan but they tasted smoky and had a meat-like texture! Now the biggest surprise was the octopus. Now octopus tends to be rubbery if not prepared properly and this was tender and moist.

The taco that is not offered in the flight is the ghost chili pork taco! Wow, the ghost chili knocked me on my rear! This bad boy was HOT! My mouth was on fire and I actually could not eat the whole thing! I'm glad that I stopped and didn't try to finish it off! But it had a great flavor but just too HOT for me!

All in all a great place for amazing tacos and great beer! The prices are a bit high but after experiencing the truly unique tacos filled with fresh ingredients I will be back!

Taco Asylum - drink menu

Taco Asylum - taco menu

Taco Asylum - ghost chili pork taco

Taco Asylum - flight of 8 tacos