Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cocoa Lounge at Palm Terrace

wow! What an amazing experience! Complete chocolate overload! First of all I want to thank the wonderful people at the Palm Terrace for their hospitality tonight and great service! Second, I would like to thank my friends for coming out on a Sasaki Food time Adventure into chocolate! This must be what it's like going into the Wonka Factory! I didn't get to try everything because I was just too full! But here are some of my favorites:

The snicker's cake is one of my favorites. It just bursts with flavor and tastes like they melted several snicker's bars into the cake!

The white chocolate mousse squares were light and airy. Just delicious!

The pot de cremes was a nice rich chocolate pudding.

The port truffles were my absolute favorite! You could taste the port wine mixed in the rich and milky chocolate. Just a pure delight!

The chocolate chip bread pudding was also another winner. Piping hot and the bread pudding is one of the best I have ever had!

Just amazing desserts and all you care to eat for $18. You cannot beat that deal! The Cocoa Lounge is only available until the 26th of this month. It is Tuesday through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. If this is an annual event for them, it will become an annual event for me!

The Palm Terrace is located in The Island hotel in Newport Beach. They offer complimentary valet for those going to the Cocoa Lounge.

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