Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vehicle Review: 2013 Kia Sportage!

Hey everybody I'm back with another Kia review! This time it is for the 2013 Kia Sportage crossover! Is this your next new vehicle? Let's take a look shall we?
I love the aggressive looking front of the vehicle! There is a great sense of European styling here!
Plenty of room in the back. Underneath the floorboard is a compartmentalized area to store various items and under that is a full spare tire.
Lots of legroom up front. The leather seats are stylish and comfortable. The review model had seat warmers and cooling. I did not get to try out the air cooled glove compartment though.

For my review, I once again took off for four days to Sacramento in Northern California. The four cylinder engine had plenty of power to handle the tough Los Angeles freeways and easily climbed the Grapevine on the way to Northern California. Acceleration onto the freeway was smooth and no lack of power to bring the vehicle up to highway speeds. I was very impressed with the power of the engine.

I drove through the foothills of the gold country and the Sportage handled the windy roads with ease.
The console is very elegant and thoughtfully laid out. You can see the push to start button, the entertainment system with rear view camera, and the Lil Oishi is ready to drive.

Once again the Sirius came in handy on the long drive to Sacramento. I love satellite radio and the amount of options to listen to on a long drive. It makes the long drive seem a lot shorter and actually makes me want to drive farther.
Sasaki Time mascot Lil Oishi is a fan of the panoramic sunroof! Such a pretty day to drive to Northern California!
Lots of legroom and comfort in the back!
Just a perfect day for driving. Taken by my passenger and not while I was driving! We had no problem heading up through the Grapevine!
I put quite a bit of mileage during the week I had the Sportage to review.
I also spent a lot of time in the vehicle to bring you a proper review.
I averaged 57 MPH during my week.
The average miles per gallon was higher than what was quoted. I did spend a majority of my time on the highway however.
The windy roads through gold country led me to this great spot! It felt like Little House on the Prairie.
The trunk had no problem carrying a large shopping spree at one of my favorite warehouse stores!
Another fantastic vehicle from Kia! The Kia Sportage I reviewed was full loaded and priced at just under $31,000.

A solid built, fun to drive vehicle with plenty of room for family and friends and luggage space! Plenty of power to handle the freeways and surface streets! This would be a vehicle I would be happy to call my own!

*Vehicle provided by DriveSTI and Kia. The opinion and photos are strictly my own!*

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