Thursday, May 16, 2013

Golf Course Review: Aviara Golf Club!

Cesar, Brian and Kristi after an amazing day at the Aviara Golf Club!
 The last time I was at Aviara Golf Club it was as a spectator of a LPGA tournament.  I did a review the last time but only as a spectator but not after playing the course.   I felt that in order to give readers a better picture that I would need to play this course to see if I would like it.  But with green fees that are $240 dollars a round that I would not have a chance.  But thanks to a friend I was able to get to play this course. 

 Aviara is a par 72, 7007 yard course set in the canyons overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad, Ca.  Designed by Arnold Palmer, each hole is set up to challenge you from start to finish.  This is target golf at its finest.  You really need to stay focused and place your golf ball in the right place so your next shot is easy.  If you make a mistake on this course it will bite you.  And this is what makes me come back to play because I love a challenge. 
Brian cannot wait to get out on the course!
 Last Friday 3 friends and I were able to play Aviara as guests Renny Brown, the Director of Golf.  Two of us have played the game but have not played in a few years and one was playing for the first time.  My friend Jason was able to make arrangements for us to play and he did all the photography.  Now that we have gotten through the introductions let us get down to the particulars.
Cesar and Kristi are ready to go!

When we arrived at the course we were greeted warmly by an attendant who took my clubs over to the golf carts and greeted us by name.  He knew who we were and that we had 2 sets of rental clubs.  One of the things I noticed was the staff’s excellent customer service skills.  It made you feel that we were in good hands.  Even the pro shop staff was excellent.  They had everything ready for us when we arrived.  They even cleaned my clubs after the round.   Now that is customer service.
Practicing on the putting green before our tee time

I also found that this place is ready for hi-tech.  Each golf cart has a touch screen with GPS and an electronic scorecard to keep track of your score.  The GPS is the best feature.  Not only does it show you how many yards you have left to the green but it also can show you if the next group ahead of you is too close.  This is very helpful in preventing someone hitting into the next group.  I like this feature.  
After getting a rundown of the electronic GPS by the knowledgeable starter, we were off.  The course itself was in very good condition.  Fairways were nicely cut so that when your ball hit it would roll farther and give you more distance.  Greens were in very good condition but were fast than I was used to.  Because we were near a large body of water (IE the Pacific Ocean) the grain was toward the water.  This makes your puts very hard to read.  Some holes you have to play downhill puts as uphill   and right to left puts are opposite of what you think.  That’s what makes for great golf.  It challenges you to play your best.
I have to say that my favorite hole is the 3rd hole.  This is 122 yard par 3 from the regular tees.  This hole is like being in a garden.  It is beautifully landscape with flora that is natural for the canyons and surrounded by two streams that feed into a pond that fronts the green.  Because the flag is was over on the right this day I try to keep it on the left so as to have more green to play with.  I ended up short of the green but dry and was able to make a bogey.   

Typical golf shot!

Cesar even had time for a little air guitar!

Done with the front nine! Time for lunch!

     I have to say that I enjoyed my day at Aviara Golf Club.  The staff was friendly, helpful and was just on top of their game when it came to customer service (they even had cookies and water waiting for us at the end of the round).  Now the green fees are about $240 on the weekends and about $215 during the week.  But it is worth it.  I say this even though I was a guest of the Director of Golf.  I want to thank him and his staffs for letting us play without charge and treating us so well.  And thank you to Jason for making the arrangements.  It was a wonderful day of golf and camaraderie.                                             

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