Friday, August 2, 2013

Sasaki Time at the 2009 D23 Expo!

 Here is my collection of some of my favorite photos from the first year of the D23 Expo! The year was 2009 and one of the biggest Tv shows was LOST. As you can see in the above picture I am indeed LOST!
Speaking of LOST, clearly I am LOST here! ABC had a preview area to watch the pilot episodes of a lot of their new shows!
They had an area set up to showcase tons of props from LOST!
Standing with Steven Clark, head of D23!
There were massive panels like the Disney Studio panel showcasing some of the upcoming film slate! The Muppets came out and sang!
At the theme park panel, Lord Vader announced his displeasure at the announcement of the new Star Tours!
The lightcycle for the then upcoming Tron Legacy was on display!
The Parks and Resorts pavilion showcased the best of Imagineering like Lucky the Dinosaur here!
They had a model of the soon to be built Cars Land in DCA!
With Kevin Rafferty, creative director and show writer with Walt Disney Imagineering and I standing in front of the rockwork model for Cars Land!
With Mark Sumner, senior technical director and project/ride engineer with Walt Disney Imagineering. He created the ride system for Soarin' Over California as well as helped develop the ride systems for Test Track and Tower of Terror!
Lots of products are on display like this Lego Buzz Lightyear!
Doing some hula dancing with Lilo and Stitch!
The diner was so cool! Kids get the coolest play houses!

This is just a small sampling of all the fun things to see and do at the D23 Expo!

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