Tuesday, August 13, 2013

D23 Expo 2013: Imagineering Teases Star Wars Land(s)!

Inside the Journey Into Imagineering pavilion, the Imagineers gave us a teaser on the possible future of Star Wars in the theme parks!
Looks like a certain familiar astromech broke out of his box!
Artoo was kind enough to take a photo with me and show off his Imagineering nametag!
Looks like something needed to be refrigerated!

Those have got to be some big bottles of Bantha milk! Too bad they have all gone bad and leaking out of the bottles!
I will take one of these lightsaber boxes home with me!
Clearly someone didn't read the information on the box as someone did not handle the lightsabers with care and skill.
I thought these things were highly unstable!
I will keep my distance from this box!
This box doesn't seem like it would feed even one rancor!
I love the play on the "fake" production name of Return of The Jedi when it was called Blue Harvest so people wouldn't pay much attention to them. The Orange name could be making a reference to both Orange Counties where Disneyland and Walt Disney World are located.
I also love the tagline here! We are doing so much speculating on what could be built and where! Hopefully this announcement is coming soon! Perhaps at the D23 Expo in Japan set for October?
Oh could this be the box we are all looking for?
Hmmm all the plans seem to be for Return of The Jedi including speederbikes! Speederbikes are the biggest rumor that is set to take over the old Peoplemover tracks!

It was cool to see these crates and see some fun details but will these crates all play out in Anaheim? Once again I hope we find out soon! But a Jedi is suppose to be patient right?

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