Sunday, August 18, 2013

D23 Expo 2013: Heroes and Villains Costume Contest

For the first time, the D23 Expo held a costume contest! Check out the female Avengers!
This Maleficent costume was amazing!
I love this Kevin costume from UP!
The Hatbox Ghost is here!
The judges have a tough job ahead of them!
Protect your fishes! Darla is here!
The Mad Doctor and evil Small World Clock showed up! Super impressive! Check out the detail on the clock!
I love the obscure characters that make an appearance like Harrision Hightower, owner of The Hightower Hotel at Tokyo DisneySea.
This Jack Skellington was so cool to watch!
The Haunted Mansion portrait comes to life!
I love assembles like this Princess and The Frog group!
Awesome mini Rocketeer!
Wow! Just wow! Love it!
She looks more like Merida than Merida does! She won Best Recreation!
I love Enchanted! Awesome costumes and awesome look to both of them!
Here are all the winners from the costume contest! Congrats to all of them!


  1. What fun! That is right up my alley!!

  2. wow. Those are fantastic! What craftsman ship. gotta love the cosplay!