Monday, August 19, 2013

Product Review: Airbac - Protect your Laptops,Tablets and Your Back!

Ever wish that you had a lighter backpack while hauling your laptop while traveling? Well, wonder no more! This is the Premiere Airbac! The solution to protecting your laptop while making it lighter and creating less strain on your back!
To be honest, I wasn't sure what to think of their claim to make your backpack feel lighter and create less strain on your back. After using this backpack for six weeks, I am now a big fan!
As you can see, the AirBac has more than enough room for my 15" laptop and for my iPad including it's case plus all the cables and room for much, much more!

The air bladders in the shoulder straps and in the bottom of the AirBac help create better support of the backpack and also takes the weight off your shoulders and back. Immediately you can feel the difference and tell that this is not your father's backpack or heck, even my backpack I used as a kid!

I then let the air out of the air bladder and immediately the weight in the AirBac shift and suddenly felt the strain on my shoulders and back! It was much more difficult to balance out the weight and I couldn't believe the difference!
The protection for the laptop is solid as I take my laptop and iPad with me on trips all the time. My only issue is that you need a pump and an inflation needle like you would use for a football to keep the air bladder inflated. This could be a potential problem while out on the road.
The premiere AirBac costs $89.99 and comes with a lifetime warranty. This is a great investment to make while taking your laptop and tablet on the road with you. They have a wide variety of AirBacs to suit your needs including regular backpacks for your kids and their schoolbooks!

To learn more, check out their site at:

*Disclaimer: The Premiere AirBac was provided by AirBac but the photos and review are strictly my own opinion!*


  1. Ohhh this would have been awesome for BlogHer while I was in Chicago, I walked 6 miles with my laptop backpack!

  2. They should investigate changing that air bladder inflation to be similar to what is used on self inflating sleeping bag pads. There is a twist open/close valve at one end. You can also blow into it to fill it faster or make it more full and close it quickly by twisting the valve closed. It would be very similar to: