Monday, August 26, 2013

Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Open House!

Sasaki Time was invited to an Open House at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney to enjoy food, drinks and check out their private dining rooms!
This is already one of my favorite themed places in Downtown Disney. I do admit that I stop more often at the Jazz Kitchen Express for their amazing beignets! That is one of my favorite snacks when visiting the parks!
I love these statues! It makes me feel like Mardi Gras is here all year round!
The open house took place upstairs, where they have four different rooms for special events. There is one more room downstairs that can be used for special events as well and that one is the largest as it can hold seating for 120 people or a reception for 200 people plus a stage for entertainment.
The four rooms upstairs can be used for any event you may have from a small private event to a large party!
The Parlor Room featured live jazz this evening! This room can hold between 100-120 seated or 180 for a reception. 
Out on the balcony,where 80 seated guests can be accommodated or 100 for a reception. This evening though they were using it to prepare for us a crawdad broil! I love crawdads!
The crawdads were nice and spicy! They were served with potatoes and corn on the cob! So good!
Next to that they were making a BBQ shrimp. Not sure where the name BBQ shrimp comes from since it is not barbequed nor is there BBQ Sauce but I could eat these buttery, spicy shrimp all day long. I admit I had to go back and getting another helping! They were just as amazing as the crawdads!
Don't those shrimp look mouthwatering?
They were also passing out these fantastic catfish sliders! Catfish is one of my favorite cooked fish so I couldn't pass these up!
There was also this refreshing watermelon gazpacho like item (sorry I couldn't remember the name).
In the Wine Room, which seats 18, they had prime rib and ham.
The prime rib was paired expertly with three different sauces for you to enjoy. Starting from the left, there was an olive pickled relish (amazing), horseradish (it was really creamy and mixed with something but I couldn't tell what it was), and the last one was a fresh tomato salsa (nice and refreshing). My photos of the ham didn't come out so I will skip that one but one of the sauces was a pineapple and mango salsa that was so sweet and paired perfectly with the saltiness of the ham.
They had one of their specialty drinks, the Hurricane for us. This was easily one of the best ones I have ever had but also very dangerous as it was blended perfectly where you could hardly taste the alcohol.

There was also a nice sampling of their red and white wines on hand. The white of course perfect for the seafood dishes and the red perfect for the meat courses.
We ended up dining in the Queen's Room that seats 50-60 people or holds 80 for a reception with a private balcony. This was also the room with the beignet bar! They dished up ice cream and piping hot beignets with your choice of sauces! 
One last look at one of the trays of beignets!

This was a wonderful event filled with great food and drinks. It was a great atmosphere to spend with my friends and to make new ones!

A perfect place to have lunch or dinner or your next special event or wedding!

Thank you to the special events team for the invite!

To learn more about hosting your private event here, check out their website:
Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen: Private Events

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