Thursday, August 8, 2013

Craft Time: Disney's Planes Mobile

Download Disney's Planes Mobile Template 

What you'll need

  • Template
  • Two hangers
  • Scissors
  • Wire or string

How to make it

  1. Score the dotted line between each mirrored image and cut around both sides before gluing or taping them together.
  2. Next cut around the gray outline of the logo and each plane. Attach different length strings using clear scotch tape.
  3. Take two white hangers, cross them at the center so they are perpendicular to each other and twist the head of one hanger to line up next to the other. Then tie the hanger necks together with wire or string. Do the same with the bottom of the hangers where they cross. You may have to wrap the string or wire across the intersecting parts multiple times until the hanger stays in place.
  4. Now tie three planes across the bottom of one hanger and three planes across the bottom of the other. Tie a string to the logo and hang it so it's about three inches from the bottom of the necks. Now you're done!

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