Monday, August 5, 2013

Apple Pie Dessert Cups Recipe!

Makes 16 servings

1 (21 ounce) can apple pie filling
16 wonton wrappers
16 scoops vanilla ice cream
16 tablespoons toasted pecans
16 tablespoons caramel topping (hershey's)


1 Butter the won tons, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Place in the muffin tin and bake @ 350 for 5 t0 6 minutes til done.
2 Add a small spoon full of nuts on the bottom of the wontons after baking. Add the apple pie filling. One small scoop of ice cream on the filling. A spoon full of caramel and sprinkle with pecans.
3 I dipped my wontons in chocolate when they were done and sprinkled with nuts.
4 Variations:.
5 Lina's Taco Cups.
6 Butter the won tons bake as stated above. Add your taco fillings to the finished won tons for mixing.


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