Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Monsters University: Monsters Assembly! (Make Your Own Scarer)

I went to the Studio Store at The Walt Disney Studios yesterday and discovered that they are all decked out for Monsters University!
They have all of the regular Disney Store MU merchandise with one amazing exception, the Monsters Assembly!
You get to build your very own scarer simply by selecting a body and then 9 different parts including eyes, horns, legs and arms!
After looking at all of the options, I immediately decided to make one for myself!
 This is the body I selected! He reminded me of a Pac-Man ghost!
 He now has an eye!
 I then gave him some huge paws for hands!
Take a look at each accessory and on the bottom you will find a tab that will hold the item in place on the monster body!
Each monster body has a variety of slits to attach the various eyes, horns, arms and legs to!
 I then picked a couple of horns and a couple of legs!
I ended up giving him another leg and another horn to use as a nose!
Check out the awesome box to put him in on the journey home!
I love this saying on the top of the box!

The MU: Monsters Assembly is a Studio Store exclusive for the time being. But it will be available at all of the Disney Stores with Imagination Parks in them I believe! So look for them soon! At $39.99 for each monster you may find yourself making more than just one!

Oh, and for those of you wondering, I named him Otis!


  1. How do they get the body parts to stick on? Is it just with velcro or is there some other Disney Magic behind making these monsters?

  2. I should update this post with new photos to show how they connect lol