Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sasaki Time Goes to e3! The Disney Games!

We continue Cesar and Mayra's e3 adventure with a look at the Disney games that were announced and on display! We will start with Disney Infinity! Disney looks like they have very ambitious plans for this game with literally hundreds of characters to choose from! Various characters from different Disney worlds will be able to interact with one another! There is even talk that this game may somehow be involved inside the theme parks as well!
Tonto and Stitch!
Wreck-It Ralph and Bullseye!
Mike Wazowski and an Interceptor!
Jack Skellington and a hover board from The Incredibles!
Of course there had to be some Monsters University add-ons to the game!
Randall looks ready to join the fun for Disney Infinity!
You had an opportunity to play the game!
Mayra found herself a new vehicle! The Cinderella monster truck!
The new Fantasia game from the makers of Rock Band.
 SEGA has re-imagined their classic Castle of Illusion game for the next generation systems! This is one of my favorite games for the Sega Genesis and I look forward to it on my Playstation 3!
The first Kingdom Hearts game for the Playstation 3 was on hand. This is the Kingdom Hearts 1.5 remix! A great way to introduce the few gamers that haven't experienced Kingdom Hearts yet before Kingdom Hearts 3 makes its debut!
I cannot wait to play this Kingdom Hearts game in full HD and on my PS3!
Sora has never looked better!
The biggest gaming news for me was the long awaited announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3! The first two are two of my favorite games ever! A strange partnership bettwen Disney and Square Enix the makers of the hit Final Fantasy series combined their characters to make a one-of-a-kind video game!
I look forward to hearing more details about Kingdom Hearts 3 as it becomes available!

Just think these are just the Disney related games! I hope to make it to e3 one day and check this all out for myself

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