Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blogger Event: Lego Castle Adventure at the Discovery Science Center!

Hi everybody! Last week I got to check out the Lego Castle Adventure at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana! As many of you know I am a huge Lego fan and couldn't wait to check out this exhibit!
I would like to think that I am as strong as a knight! Or maybe just become someone's knight in shining armor!
Apparently they had me in mind when they made this sign!
This is the castle that the Disneyland Sleeping Beauty Castle is designed after.
I can see the similarities between this castle and the Disneyland one.
One of the Lego master builders created this great scene of a castle being built.
This dragon is not only protecting its treasure but also it's baby!
All these Legos make me want to go buy some right now!
I love the attention to detail!
This Lego skeleton figure is pretty scary!
Oh check out the King's treasure room!
I dare you to try to steal the key! Wait until you see or should I say hear what happens!
And no Lego adventure would be complete without an area to try your hand at building a castle. As you can probably guess, I'm still sitting at the table building my castle!

Lego Castle Adventure runs until September 15, 2013!

Discovery Science Center
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