Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sasaki Time Goes to e3! From Guest Bloggers Cesar and Mayra!

Have you heard of e3? It is short for the Electronic Entertainment Expo that is held annually in Los Angeles! If you are a video game fan then this is the place that you want to be! I was able to get two tickets to attend just one day of the expo but I was not able to go so my friend Cesar and Mayra were able to cover and cover the event for me!

The huge news was of course the two brand new systems from Sony and Microsoft! This would have been the year to go to check out two new video game systems!
Here is Cesar's trip report:

Having never been to E3, I didn't know what to expect. Other conventions have you shoulder to shoulder with other attendees fighting for space. This was not the case here. I have never felt this comfortable at a trade show before. No long lines waiting to get your hands on the latest games and technology.
The expo was divided into 2 main halls. In the first hall were the 3 big names in gaming. Both Microsoft and Sony had their newest consoles out on display for all to see. Microsoft's main focus seemed to be demonstrating the kinect's new ability to accurately read your body's movement and the graphic capabilities of the xbox one. 
Sony, on the other hand, focused on their exclusive games. 
Although Nintendo did not unveil a new console, they had plenty of games for us to try. The best part were all the cool interactive photo locations they had setup. 

The second hall was dedicated to game manufacturers as well as aftermarket products. I was pleasantly surprised by the really cool indie games being developed as well. My only regret was not having enough time to experience all the amazing things the trade show has to offer. Also for a trade show, I was expecting a lot of giveaways promoting the upcoming releases. The few promotional items being handed out seemed to be restricted to select members of the media.

All in all, I had an amazing time. If you are a video game junkie like myself, E3 is a must. Thank you Jason for the opportunity of a lifetime. My Christmas list is now complete!
*Thank you Cesar and Mayra for covering this event for me! Check out more of Cesar's photos on the next installment from e# where it will be Disney specific!*

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