Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: Iron Man Tech exhibit at Innoventions in Disneyland!

Yesterday, I went to Innoventions to check out the opening of the Iron Man Tech exhibit presented by Stark Industries!
The banners let you know what you will see inside!
I love the retro looking artwork!
This is the first major Marvel integration into the Disney parks!
Here is the entrance into Innoventions.
Waiting to see the Hall of Armor! While you are waiting you can hear JARVIS welcoming Guests to the exhibit.
Here it is! The Hall of Armor!
There are eight different Iron Man suits!

This is the same display from San Diego Comic-Con last year. It is so cool to see the suits up close.
Here you can see various parts of previous suits as Tony Stark built a better Iron Man suit!

This will be the longest wait! The wait to virtually 'suit up'! It uses the XBOX Kinect but is specifically created for the exhibit! The video below shows me suiting up!
The exhibit is here until September. Expect long lines especially once Iron Man 3 opens!


  1. That is pretty awsome. I wonder if it's just disney land or if disney world has it as well. Gotta get myself to the mini one they have in NYC (and by mini I mean action figure scale >_< @ToysRUs) Can't wait for this film.

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