Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy 15th Anniversary to Disney's Animal Kingdom!

I couldn't think of a better place to share photos with all of you on Earth Day than from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park in Florida!
If you have never been, you will never look at your local zoo the same way ever again! The effort to make the environments look as natural as possible is unbelievable!
The animals look like they are literally right next to you. The barriers are all hidden keeping you a safe distance away.
You have to take the Kilimanjaro Safari tour and in the morning while the animals are all out and about! Later in the day they are off keeping cool or napping.
Some animals are allowed to roam free and can literally stop your vehicle from proceeding. This makes for an amazing opportunity for some up close and personal photos!
One of my favorite attractions is here! Expedition:Everest is what I refer to as a combination of Big Thunder Mountain and the Matterhorn with amazing detail and scenery!
 Just take a look at the queue! It looks like you are in the Himalayas!
And make sure you explore everywhere! This includes a great walking trail to see the tigers!
There is another great walking trail to see gorillas!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my quick tour of Animal Kingdom! One of my favorite parks in Walt Disney World! Happy 15th Anniversary and Happy Earth Day!

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