Sunday, April 21, 2013

Video: Take Your First Look at Mystic Manor Pre-Show and Full Attraction Ride Through at Hong Kong Disneyland!

The above video includes the pre-show and some of the attraction for Mystic Manor that opens next month at Hong Kong Disneyland. While some will compare this to the Haunted Mansion, this is going to define the Disney classic dark ride for the future. You will find the trackless ride system similar to Winnie The Pooh in Tokyo Disneyland, advanced audio-animatronic figures and some of the most amazing special effects you have ever seen! Watch the video below of the full attraction and see how impressive this new attraction is!

This impressive attraction also features a musical score created by Danny Elfman!

I hope to one day go to Hong Kong Disneyland to check out this impressive attraction for myself! But until then it's time to watch these videos one more time!

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