Friday, April 5, 2013

Restaurant Review: Mrs. Bea's Louisiana Chicken and Waffles

Hey everybody! It's time for another restaurant review! This time I am at Mrs. Bea's Louisiana Chicken and Waffles! I love chicken and waffles!
The decor is simple and I am a fan of simple.
There is more than just chicken and waffles but that's all I am focusing on this time. Oh and everything is cooked fresh so it will take a little of time to get it out to you, but trust me it is worth the wait!
The fried chicken tastes more like a broasted chicken. The skin isn't crunchy but soft and the chicken itself is juicy and moist. And if you might be worried that a place with the name Louisiana in it might mean that the chicken is spicy, it's not but there is hot sauce if you need it!
Now to the waffle! The waffle is soft but don't think for a minute that the butter and syrup will make it soggy. The waffle holds up nicely and there is a nice taste of cinnamon with each bite as well. A great waffle!
I also got a side of their mac n cheese. The cheese blend is a nice american, cheddar and swiss blend. The dish is nice and gooey with cheese. Just a wonderful mac n cheese and also a favorite with the wait staff.

A great restaurant with great service makes this a place I can't wait to come back and visit again!

Mrs Bea's Louisiana Chicken And Waffles

1299 S Harbor Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631
(714) 441-2327

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