Sunday, April 7, 2013

Disneyland Dream Suite Photo Tour!

Take a quick photo tour with me inside the Disneyland Dream Suite! The Disneyland Dream Suite is located on the former site of the Disney Gallery above New Orleans Square. This suite of rooms was originally planned for use as a private apartment for the Disney family, a project that was never completed after Walt Disney's death. For the last 20 years the space has housed the Disney Gallery, and Imagineers have spent months transforming the former gallery space into a 2,600-square-foot living space, using the original 1960s designs created by designed Dorothea Redmond and set decorator Emile Kuri in consultation with Walt Disney.

I am standing in the Master bedroom!
This is the Master Bathroom!
Yeah I don't know what possessed me to take this photo but here is the Master Bedroom toilet.
This is the Living Room, designed in a French Provincial style reflecting the New Orleans Square setting. Unusual decorative items like a full-size carousel horse, a mechanical songbird and original wall paintings of European castles will conjure up memories of Walt Disney and the inspirations that went into creating the magical world of Disneyland.
Standing in the Living Room! I could stay here all day!
This is the other bedroom, the spirit of early 20th century innovation and the American frontier are summoned with an earthy color scheme, leather furniture, a cast-iron stove, an electric train and vintage mechanical toys.
The bayou-themed patio, central to the Disneyland Dream Suite and open to the sky above, is filled with tropical vegetation, furnished with comfortable chaises and illuminated by Chinese lanterns.

As far as I know the Disneyland Dream Suite is still used by dignitaries. But I do not know if they still give the Suite away as a prize from time to time.

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