Friday, May 2, 2014

Take a look at the Disney Character Statues around The Partners Statue at Disneyland

Taking some photos of each of the statues around The Partners Statue in the hub of Disneyland.

Pinocchio and Jiminy look perfect with The Matterhorn behind them.
Dumbo and Timothy look like they want to fly into Tomorrowland.
Minnie has dreams of the being a princess one day, especially with Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background.
Donald Duck looks like he has an egg or a white sphere in his hand like he is ready to perform magic in front of the castle.
Chip and Dale came down from their tree to greet the folks.
The White Rabbit is late as he heads out of Frontierland for a very important date.
Goofy looks as if he is lost or thinking deep thoughts.
Pluto looks as happy as ever and a perfect way to end this photo tour of the statues around The Partners Statue in Disneyland.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! If there is anything you want to see I am happy to head to the park to take those photos for you and to share stories and the history.

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