Sunday, May 25, 2014

Restaurant Review: Slapfish Brings Fresh, Sustainable Seafood to Laguna Beach

Slapfish has taken seafood to a whole new level with boat to table fresh seafood. They found their audience with their food truck. That audience then wanted a restaurant, that became a reality in Huntington Beach. Now, that audience is craving more.

Slapfish responded with a new location in Laguna Beach. This location is about as true to a seafood shack as you can get. Located across the street from the beach, this is a "grab and go" concept for those heading to the beach or on their way home. There are also a few tables outside to enjoy the ocean breeze and eat some of the best tasting seafood around.
The menu here is a back to basics approach. Everyday there are three fish options that rotate out depending on what is available. Their commitment to sustainable seafood sets them apart from other seafood restaurants. They work hard to make sure that the seafood they use is acquired through responsible fishfarming and does not use anything that is over-fished or uses harmful fishing practices.

You simply choose your fish, how it's cooked (crispy or grilled), and how you want it served (slapwich, taco or roll). There are also some of Slapfish's best selling items such as chowder fries, lobster rolls and fish and chips.
We started with the chowder fries. This was my first experience with the chowder fries and all I have to say is why have I waited so long to try these? One of the best tasting things I have ever experienced! Fresh cut fries and fresh clam chowder topped with bacon bits is something I need to enjoy each and every time I am at Slapfish!
We also ordered the lobster dip n chips. Nice chunks of lobster mixed in a rich, creamy dip. The chips are  fresh and crispy with some seasoning on top of them. So delicious and we made short work on this tasty dish!
Brian ordered the shrimp and chips. The shrimp was deep fried in a light tempura style batter. So fresh and addicting. The fresh shrimp were rich and buttery tasting.
I went with the grilled mahi slapwich. Buttery brioshe with tomato, lettuce and pickled onions bring this slapwich together. Adding the appropriately named "Awesome Sauce" (creamy smoked pepper) to the mix brought a flavor explosion! The delicious fresh made kettle chips went great with my slapwich!
Oh, one more thing! They have Batch Craft Soda as well! Check out the soda they offer on the far left! That's right it is Shirley Temple on tap! One more fantastic reason to come and have amazing seafood and one of my favorite drinks on tap!

Fantastic fresh seafood awaits you! What are you waiting for? Who wants to go with me? I need more chowder fries!

Slapfish is located at 211 Broadway in Laguna Beach


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