Thursday, May 8, 2014

Papa's Pilar Dark and Blonde Rum Review! A Rum in the Spirit of Ernest Hemingway!

Time to review the Papa's Pilar Dark and Blonde Rums! I was immediately intrigued because of their tie-in with the Ernest Hemingway Estate. Hemingway's love for the Caribbean is pretty well known. The name of the rum comes from his beloved nickname "Papa" and his boat, Pilar, that he used while he lived in Cuba. Perfect reference in my mind to 'The Old Man and The Sea'. So, here is a rum inspired by the best known adventurer in the world.
The box felt as if I was opening up a long lost treasure. Once I tried both rums, I knew how right this thought was.
My favorite way to enjoy rum is with Coca-Cola and with Mexican Coca-Cola no less. Mexican Coca-Cola is made with cane sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup.

Both rums are aged in American Bourbon barrels and Port casks, and finished in Spanish Sherry casks.
The Pilar Dark is 86 proof. Once I opened the bottle I could smell vanilla, cinammon and honey, hints of port. Mixed with the Coca-Cola I could taste apricots, spices, almonds, an almost port wine taste. A simple rum and coke was most excellent.
The Pilar Blonde is 84 proof. Upon opening the bottle, the sweet smell of vanilla was the most pronounced. When mixed with Coca-Cola it almost tasted like a vanilla coke. It was creamy and rich and went down smooth. I immediately made another one.

Both rums are perfect for rum and cokes. I have found a new favorite brand and highly encourage you to try them both.

To find out more please check out their site:

*Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of the Dark and Blonde rum for review purposes but the review is strictly my own!

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