Sunday, May 11, 2014

Disneyland Resort Photo Report - Merchandise Update Part One! (May 11th, 2014)!

This merchandise update from The Disneyland Resort is so photo heavy that it is going to take two posts to cover them all! So, let's get started! I love this Oswald pocket watch! Anyone want to get me one?
And I also love this Mickey Mouse pocket watch! I'll take this one if you don't want to get me the Oswald one!
The new style Mickey Mouse from the new animated shorts.
It's about time that Chip has his own cup! He sold out very quickly throughout the entire resort. I will go back this week to see if they come back in stock!
Love these vintage looking cups!
Minnie has one as well!
Not sure about Goofy's jelly beans though!
I wouldn't take anything from her!
They also have matching plates!
And matching drinking glasses!

Dish towels! These are new to me! I love this castle one!
Does she really do her own dishes?
I know a few people who will want this Alice one!
And this Tinkerbell one as well!
Any Belle fans out there?
I found this awesome John Lasseter-inspired Hawaiian shirt in Cars Land!
A closer look at all the Route 66 logos!
Some dishes from WDW are here as well!
The amazing flamingo from Fantasia 2000 that is a lawn flamingo ends Part 1 of the merchandise update! Hope you enjoyed a look at some of the new merch and stay tune for Part 2!

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