Monday, May 19, 2014

Cars Movie Vignettes in Cars Land!

I went to Cars Land the other day and stepped inside Sarge's Surplus Hut and got a very pleasant surprise!
They have several awesome scenes from the Cars movies! Check out the great opening sequence to the first Cars movie!
Lots of great detail! And a fun way to show off all the cars they have in stock as well as a few that are no longer in stock.
Here are two of my favorites! The fan girls, Mia and Tia!
The Wheel Well Motel has never been busier!
Guido is busy making drinks for his friends!
I love this recreation of the small town of Carsoli, home of Luigi's Uncle Topolino.
The band plays on in the background!
I love the fountain!

One of my favorite scenes is the drifting scene after they cross the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo!

Such a great addition to the Sarge's Surplus Hut! I hope they stay or get changed out for new scenes! Lots of great attention to detail and a clever way to display the vehicles! So, stop by Cars Land and check out these awesome vignettes!

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  1. That's not Mia and Tia, haha. It's actually Timothy Twostroke, a random background character. The people who filled this display apparently had two and thought it best to put them side-by-side.