Saturday, May 10, 2014

Del Real Foods Blogger and Cinco De Mayo Event!

The Cardenas Family, owners of Del Real Foods, hosted an amazing event at their beautiful home the other day for local area bloggers that have supported them in the past year. Sasaki Time was invited and I took my friend Kristen with me to enjoy an afternoon of fantastic food and a wonderful panel discussion on L.A.'s food culture.
When we arrived we went straight to the fresh aguas frescas of pineapple, horchata and cantaloupe.
Then the endless amount of food began! And the best part was that all of the dishes were made with Del Real Foods. Yes, the very same food you can buy in the freezer section of your grocery store!
The cheese tamale fritters.
Fish ceviche!
A perfect setting for amazing food and friends both old and new!
The party wouldn't be a party without a mariachi band!
Salvadoran panini, a pupusa filled with carnitas, sliced onion and cheese.
The fried pork carnitas! So flavorful and one of my favorites of the day!
After doing some serious eating it was time to head to a panel moderated by Latino Foodies co-editor Stephen Chavez. On the panel, from left to right, is Chef Gina Galvan from Chomp Chomp Nation, Tony Spatafora from Dish It Out! with Tony Spatafora and Chef Aaron Perez.
It was a great discussion of where food culture is in Los Angeles and where it is going.
Then it was back to eating! More ceviche!
Toasted mini torta filled with shredded chicken, jack cheese, avacado, refried beans, salsa roja, cilantro, onion, lettuce and tomato!
Mini sopas filled with frijoles refritos, beef barbacoa, shredded lettuce, crema, green molcajete salsa and queso fresco.
Memphis style glazed pork carnitas sliders with honey mustard slaw!
Oh and then there were the desserts! Amazing fruit tarts!
A pineapple sponge cake with coconut topping.
A chocolate espresso cake.
Chocolate covered strawberries!
Red velvet cake!
Mini cheesecake bites!
Mini carrot cake slices!
White chocolate covered strawberries!
So, an amazing afternoon and sadly it was time to head home but not without parting gifts!
These were the parting gifts! Even more amazing food to enjoy at home!

Thank you for welcoming us into your home Cardenas Family! We felt just like family!

To find out more check out Del Real Foods at:


  1. I've come here almost every year for corporate events and fun team building activities for work. The view is incredible, the design is simple and elegant, the staff is friendly etc.


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