Saturday, March 17, 2012

Small Kid Time Recipes: Malasadas

  1 Tbsp Rapid Rise yeast ( I use Fleischman’s Rapid Rise yeast)
·         1 tsp Sugar
·         ¼ cup Warm water
·         3 cup Flour
·         ¼ cup Sugar
·         ¼ cup Melted butter
·         3 Eggs
·         ½  cup Evaporated milk
·         ½  cup Water
·         Vegetable oil for frying
·         1/8 tsp nutmeg
·         Mix Fleischman rapid rise yeast with melted butter, condensed milk and water (120 to 130 degrees), 3 beaten eggs at room temperature, half of the flour. 
·         Mix well
·         Let it sit for 10 minutes            
·         Add the rest of the flour, mix well
·         Let rise for an hour in a warm draft free area. Or until double in size.
·         Heat vegetable oil to 375 degrees
·         Make 2 to 3 inch balls of Malasada dough
·         Cook in vegetable oil for about 6 minutes or until golden brown and cook through
·         Set on paper towel to cool just a little
·         roll in  sugar or shake in a bag with ½ cup of sugar
·         Ready to eat
When using Fleischman’s RAPID RISE yeast, water and condensed milk should be between 120 to 130 degrees to activate the yeast.  140 degrees is too hot and will kill the yeast.  Fleischman’s RAPID RISE yeast does not have to go through the second rise process that other yeasts have to go through, such as Fleischman’s ACTIVE  DRY yeast.  
Heat oil to 373 degrees. 
·         If oil is too hot; the Malasada dough will pop right back up to the surface and the outside will brown too quickly while the inside will be undercooked
·         If the oil isn’t hot enough;  the malasadas dough will sit at the bottom of the oil
·         If the temperature is right; The malasada dough should sit on the bottom of the oil for a few seconds and then rise to the surface.  It should take about 3 minutes to cook on each side. Total of 6 minutes until a nice golden brown.   
Test;   Make a 2 to 3 inch ball and drop carefully into the oil.  Cook for 6 minutes, take it out and cut in half to see if it is cooked completely through and the outside is a nice golden brown.   
Making the malasadas ball the same size;
·         Oil hands if making balls with hands
·         Or use oiled spoons
·         Equal size malasadas,  equal cooking time
Source: Hawaiian Food Recipe

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