Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Disneyland Trip Report - Random HDR Photos

Welcome to another Disneyland photo report. This time just having some fun and taking HDR photos in the park.
The model of the capitol building inside Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln.
The Mark 1 armor inside of Innoventions at the Iron Man Tech exhibit. It still looks like it can dish out a good thrashing.
The 30-60-90 triangle outside the Innoventions building.
The Moonliner rocket looks like it can take off at any moment.
Space Mountain is ready for you.
The castle looms over the rocks of Tomorrowland.
The Astro-Orbitor reaches towards the sky.
The sky is taking a turn for the worse as we approach the castle.
The Tangled Tower, the castle and the Matterhorn just about all lined up as more clouds roll in.
Looks like it may be time to go and find shelter.
Time to quickly head into Adventureland before the clouds say it is time to leave.
I love how this photo came out.
One more quick photo of the jungle before the clouds came in and the rain came down.

Hope you enjoyed a quick random HDR photo shoot in Disneyland. Look for more photos soon!

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