Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Condor Flats Hidden Details: The Tributes to General Chuck Yeager in Fly 'n' Buy

There are so many great details that one can find in a Disney Theme Park. Some of my favorite details are of course Disney references but I also do love actual historic details in the park. Disney California Adventure allows for real history to enter the stories in the park along with Disney created ones. Here is where you can find some cool tributes to General Chuck Yeager.

As soon as you enter Fly 'n' Buy you will see this model of the Bell X-1 flying overhead. This is the aircraft that Chuck Yeager flew to break the sound barrier.
The calendar shows the date that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier. October 14th, 1947 is that date.
The clock above the calendar has a cracked glass face with it's hands frozen in time at 10:26. So it was October 14th, 1947 at 10:26 am that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier.

Look for more cool details such as these in future posts!

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