Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Disneynature BEARS - Olivia Holt Special Screening Photos on The Walt Disney Studios Lot

Olivia Holt, performer of BEARS anthem “Carry On” and Star of Disney Channel’s “I Didn’t Do It,” hosted a special screening of Disneynature’s BEARS on the Walt Disney Studios lot this morning, April 5th.

Guests were encouraged to bring a new plush bear to the screening to donate to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


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Disneynature’s BEARS opens in theaters April 18, 2014!


  1. I know you take photos of your adventures and of food but what about the celebrities at events? Like Olivia Holt? I know you went to to a premier and Ive seen photos of different things but...

    1. Not all events let you take photos with any of the celebrities. It's kind of hit and miss or depending on where they place you. Soemtimes these are just photos sent by the studios for the event.

  2. I'm a little disappointed Jason. Bob should have been with you at this premier! :)