Monday, April 7, 2014

The Pie Hole - Must Have The Earl Grey Tea Pie!

Thank you Kristen for the use of your awesome photo!
Time to venture out of the OC area for another review in the Los Angeles area! Thanks to my friend Erin who told me about this wonderful spot in Los Angeles for coffee and Earl Grey Tea Pie! that's right - you heard correct - Earl Grey Tea Pie! Let that sink in for awhile! Ok ready to take a look at this masterpiece? Here we go...
The prize is on the right there but as many of you know I know apple and that apple double crust will be on my come back to try list!
Here she is - the Earl Grey Tea Pie in all of it's glory! It looks so light and delicate! I cannot wait to sink into it!

First bite - rich, creamy, dreamy. Just so light and delicious. The Early Grey Tea is mixed into the cream and the flavor of the tea is very subtle.
Pair the slice of pie with a regular cup of coffee. Anything more and it will be too much of an overload of richness and sweetness in your mouth. The pie needs to be experienced on it's own flavor palette so the straight up black cup of drip coffee is perfect. Next time though I will pair it with a cup of Early Grey Tea. Perhaps too much of a good thing? We shall find out on my next visit!

The Pie Hole

Arts District


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