Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disneyland Resort Photo Trip Report April 18, 2014 - Spring Time, flowers and more!

Time for another photo trip report through Disney California Adventure and Disneyland! It was an overcast day but every day is a great day to be in the parks! I am in love with this shot of the castle with the pink roses in the foreground!
But we will go across the esplenade and start over in the Pacific Wharf. I love this dragon in front of the Lucky Fortune Cookery.
As always the attention is in the details. These just look cool!
Time to head into Cars Land. Entering through the Pacific Wharf is always my favorite way to enter Cars Land!
Always a good day to race!
So many great places to take photos in Cars Land!
Spring is here and the flowers are in full bloom!
So many options of flowers to take photos of!
Love being able to come in to the park to just take photos of flowers!
Beauty is everywhere!
Mother Nature puts on quite the show!
Mike is such a ladies monsters!
Love these Olaf candy apples!
Check out these cute bunny candy apples!
Awesome cake pops! Love the easter egg ones!
Some new princess dress-inspired mugs have come in!
Taking a closer look at the Belle mug.
All of the mugs have the princess autograph in the lip of the mug.
And back to flowers!
This rose is just starting to bloom.
Perfect color for the Princess Fantasy Faire area.
Probably the most photographed building on earth, Sleeping Beauty Castle!
Never really paid attention to this clock on the other side of the castle before.
The Matterhorn towers over of the village of Fantasyland.
Each attraction here is housed in a house featuring different types of architecture. It gives a sense of believability as each home would be different and a cookie cutter version of one another.
It feels like a charming European village no matter where you look.
I love Toad Hall with its bricks.
A quiet day on the backside of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
Here comes a runaway train!
While golfish or koi (not really sure) come up for food on the other side of the train tracks.
Still hoping that they will build something on this side of Frontierland. The train tunnel is begging for adventure to be had!
Wishful thinking says that this could be the entranceway to another attraction one day.
Time to say goodbye to Walt and Mickey as this photo report comes to an end! Hope you enjoyed the photos! If there is anything you want me to cover in either park please let me know in the comments below!