Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: Dami Sushi & Izakaya in Buena Park

Time to check out the latest Japanese restaurant in Southern California. Welcome to Dami Sushi & Izakaya in Buena Park.
I love the glass water bottle. They are happy to bring another bottle as soon as you finish this one.
A little edamame arrives while you go through the menu.
A little tsukemono arrives as well. The presentation is quite rustic and I found that to be charming. Like being in the country where things are just simpler.

My friend Anthony and I had arrived hoping to order one of their dinner combos but were informed that they are no longer offering them. We found out from the owner later that the reason they are not offering them is that there are so many dishes that it overwhelmed the kitchen and then it meant that customers were not getting a good dining experience. So they are trying to figure out how to streamline that process and then bring it back. So we were a little sad but understood this and decided to order a few items and try them out with hopes the dinner combo comes back.
Anthony ordered the tempura oysters. The presentation was fantastic and the oysters were really nice and light. It was a pleasant surprise as there was no briny taste.
I ordered the D-clams as I love steamed manila clams. The white wine garlic butter sauce was amazing. And as you can see in the photo there was a ton of clams. I would gladly order this again.
We then decided to order the Dami box. This was a very eclectic group of sashimi. Not your typical sashimi and that made this a unique experience.
Delicious surf clam! A bit on the chewy side but so good!
Abalone! Quite a rare treat and happy to see this on here!
Some of the most tender octopus I have ever had!
I love seaweed! So light and flavorful!
The halibut isn't too unusual but still a nice on the palette.
The sea skirt was way too briny for me but yet another unique item of this set.
A wasabi octopus dish that I loved. I love wasabi and the fact that this was sort of a pickled octopus was just another great unique dish.
The chef also made us this lovely one piece salmon sushi and one piece tuna sushi.
This was the most tender melt in your mouth pieces of sashimi. When we talked to the owner we were informed that they buy fish that day. So you are getting the freshest sashimi there is.

Great food and service made for a very enjoyable experience. We will be back to try the dinner combo which I hope comes back soon to their menu.

Dami Sushi & Izakaya
  1. Address: Unit A, 5151 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90621
    Phone:(714) 739-2537

*All photo taken with a Nikon D5200*

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