Monday, July 1, 2013

The Future of Disney California Adventure: Soarin' Over The World! (RUMORED)

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of the relaunch of Disney California Adventure, let's take some time to look at a possible future direction for this park. This is pure speculation of course!

One of the longest standing rumors in the park is that Condor Flats would go away in theme only and become part of The Grizzly Peak Recreational Area. Now with the vast desert area that is Cars Land, there doesn't seem to be a need for two desert areas in the park.

With the theming change, it would also seem to be a perfect time to change out the film with a new one. Supposedly Shanghai gets the Soarin' Over The World film first in 2015 and then the film will make its way over to Florida and here in California in 2016. 
Taste Pilot's may not change it's name but the color scheme of the tans and grays would make way to a more olive green color.
Say goodbye to the palm trees and to the color of the hangar.
Say goodbye to the exhaust jet that fired blasts of cool refreshing mist to the folks standing below it.
It almost looks as if the Fly 'n' Buy store does not need to change it's color scheme.
I see the restrooms changing it's color scheme.
Look for all the desert theming to say goodbye and make way for more forest trees and plants.
Take a look at the concept art shown in "The Disney Mountains: Imagineering At Its Peak" book. I am a huge fan of this piece of concept art.

What do you think? Is this a change you would be excited about?

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