Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Future of Disney California Adventure: Monstropolis! (RUMORED)

One of the biggest rumors floating around the Disney theme park world is a change to the newly named Hollywood Land in Disney California Adventure! Already considered to be one of the slowest and therefore quietest areas in the relaunched park, the rumor mill is swirling that Monstropolis and the world of Monsters, Inc. and Monsters University will be taking over!
The poorly attended MuppetVision 3D is rumored to be making way for a brand new e-ticket experience! I admit that I am a huge Muppet fan but reality is that in a location that is lightly attended, that bigger plans are underway. With the relaunch of Disney California Adventure, having guests head to this relatively dead area of the park would really help out with guest flow that is mostly heading to Cars Land first thing in the morning.
What will take over MuppetVision 3D you ask? Well the biggest rumor is the long rumored Monsters, Inc. door vault coaster that was originally thought to be headed to Florida.
This photo is of the Tokyo Disneyland Monsters, Inc. Ride and Go Seek attraction but we could be seeing something similar to this by 2016!
This is a photo taken back in May of this year. The balloons are being used for sight line testing. This is to see what kind of visual intrusions a building would cause in other areas in the resort such as being seen from Disneyland or not. If this is for Monstropolis, then the door vault coaster is going to be a very tall building!
The overhead track coaster would be a first in the Disney theme park empire. The above photo is from a group that won a contest held in Hong Kong by Imagineering not an actual photo of a model that may or may not be going into DCA.
The team from Hong Kong for their contest also created this computer generated image of what a coaster could look like.
Brand new Monsters patches could find their way onto new costumes if Monstropolis is indeed on it's way to DCA!
I would imagine the facade to Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue would change to blend in better with Monstropolis. I can see the stage area being ripped out and becoming a restaurant. Of course there should be a larger Monstropolis store with lots of great Monsters University and Monsters, Inc. merchandise. Perhaps the Mad T Party will stay and become the Monsters University Prep Rally.

The future is bright and it looks like it is all coming up Monsters! I will keep you updated as more information becomes available!

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