Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vehicle Review: 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid

Every driven a hybrid? Well, I got to drive my first hybrid this past week. What did I think of it and is a hybrid right for you? Well, read on!
The non-hybrid Kia Optima is already my favorite vehicle review ever. Such a beautiful vehicle! Smooth European styling makes this car look better and better each time I see it! Peter Schreyer is the guy in charge of design and he came from Audi so you can see the influence.
Aggressive features make this a total standout car!
Powerful HID headlights cut through the night with ease!
Well thought out cockpit. Everything is easily within reach!The navigation center is angled slightly towards the driver than the previous model I tested. I like the subtle change as it keeps the information closer to the drivers peripheral vision.

The navigation system is spot on and makes driving from destination to destination a breeze! Calculation of your destination as well as any recalculation is quick. Plus, the Sirius XM is one of the best things to keep you company on any length drive. And I love the rear view camera! I hope one day that the Optima will also get the side mirror blind spot detection system that the Sorento has. Nothing like making it easier for the driver to spot other vehicles or people.

The bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up and making phone calls is a breeze. Speaker quality is top notch and had no problem hearing the person on the other side and they had no problem hearing me.
 Easy to read dash even in daylight! I love that the gauges are simple to read and are nice and bright!
You can see where the vehicle gets its power from as it switches back and forth from engine to battery. The change from one to the other is pretty much flawless. The car is super quiet and when you start it up, it's so weird to not hear a thing.

The gas engine cranks out 159 HP which is great for heading for long distances, over the grapevine or just driving around town. The tank is a huge 17.5 gallon tank and with an average of 37 miles per gallon for both city and highway makes for one long road trip!
 Lil Oishi loves being environmentally friendly!

The EX model is fully loaded! HID headlights, a panoramic sunroof, 17-inch aluminum wheels, an Infinity audio system, an eight-way power driver’s seat, Kia’s UVO infotainment system, heated front and rear seats, and a cooled driver’s seat are all standard on this model!

You never realize how nice it would be to have air cooling seat backs until you have a hot, humid summer day!
Memory drivers seat that slides back when you turn the car off to allow you an easier exit. The seats are very comfortable and almost feel like they were built just for you.
These outlets are on the center console and are easy to reach and give you a variety of charging options.

With the Optima having push to start, this is also the space that I leave my keys and key fob. I don't like having the keys in my pocket. This was a problem with the Mazda 3i Grand Touring as it didn't have a convenient place for me to toss my keys.
The drivers side door has all the typical control options.
Infinity speakers offer crystal clear sound throughout the entire vehicle.
Lots of leg room in the back. These seats are just as comfortable as the front seats.
Powerful air conditioning vents for the rear passengers.
Pulldown cup holders and additional arm rest for the back.
Each rear door has an additional space for another drink if you need it.
 One of my favorite features, the double panoramic sunroof! It is just a beautiful as the rest of the car!
Look at that view! So great to look at the stars or watch the rain fall down.
Lots of trunk space is perfect for grocery shopping or going on vacation!
No spare tire but a tire repair kit is supplied.
One last look at the beautiful Kia Optima Hybrid!

The model that I test drove came fully equipped a $32, 725.00 with all the features discussed above. 

An impressive vehicle that handles fantastically! I loved driving my first hybrid and did not notice any real difference in power or handling from its regular gas engine version. The biggest difference is obviously the quietness of the vehicle. One of the best I have driven still and hope one day someone like Oprah will buy it for me!

Stylish good looks, a well equipped car, and great power and gas mileage make this Kia Optima Hybrid EX a winner! A must buy in my book!


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