Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Media Screening: The Lone Ranger Review!

Return with us to those thrilling days of yesteryear and a mighty Hi, Ho Silver Away! With that iconic phrase, white hat and his trusty horse Silver, The Lone Ranger and his friend Tonto ride into theaters!
As a huge fan of the radio show, I could not wait to see the movie!And they did a great job of sticking as close to the origin story as possible! The story of how the two heroes comes together is different from the radio show but fits in the context of the film! 

Casting is mostly a hit here! Armie Hammer plays John Reid perhaps a bit too goofy but is still a great choice to be the masked man! Johnny Depp plays a great Tonto and the movie seems to be geared to the fans liking him more than The Lone Ranger himself.
James Badge Dale (seen here on the right) in perfect as John's older brother Dan Reid, a tough Texas Ranger.
Ruth Wilson as Dan's wife Rebecca is also great as a strong frontier woman.
But my favorite characters are Tom Wilkinson, who plays railroad baron Latham Cole and William Fitchner, who plays Butch Cavendish a notorious outlaw.
Cavendish is one of the best villans I have seen in a long time. He ranks up their with some of the best villans in the Indiana Jones movies. He is someone so bad you just love to hate him!
The movie opens in an unusual way but I loved it. It opens in San Francisco in 1933 (the same year the radio series started by the way) in a traveling fair. A young boy dressed in cowboy gear and black mask pays to see the Wild West exhibit that promises to show him how the West really was. This is a great setup to tell a tale through flashbacks and we are off on our adventure!
And what an adventure it is! The scope of the film is vast and epic. Monument Valley, the setting for so many great westerns, is as majestic as ever. The action is fast and furious and almost non-stop! Wait until you see the amazing train sequence in the third act!

Such a highly entertaining movie! If you are looking for a film with high adventure, tons of action, a lot of humor and stays true to the fun and excitement of the old west then look no further! I have already seen it twice and look forward to seeing it at least one more time!
Hi Ho Silver, away!

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