Friday, July 5, 2013

Media Review: Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Buena Park, CA

Ever wanted to see knights in armor and where a King still holds court? Well look no further than Medieval Times in Buena Park, CA!

There are nine Medieval Times locations throughout the United States but this is the only one on the west coast!

I was invited to attend a show with some of my friends! And as a native Southern California resident, I am embarrassed to say that I have never been here before! So, after this performance, would I be back for more? Let's find out!
Tickets in hand and off we go!
We paid $2 a person to check out the torture devices from medieval times! I made a new friend and even got to hold the executioners axe! I am also wearing my blue crown that indicates which section I will be in tonight!
Lil Oishi liked the interrogation chair!
It was time for a medieval drink! There is a rather large bar where they will pretty much make anything under the kingdom! They even carry drinks from Fat Tuesdays in Vegas!
Double shots for my drink as I was not driving! It was worth the extra cost for the souvenir mug! They even have a refill price during the show if you want another!
With drink in hand is was time to look at the horses!
Here is our view of the tournament! We were in the blue section, my favorite color!
My plates for dinner! Do you notice anything missing? That's right there are no utensils! Here you eat just like during medieval times! You eat with your hands!
Here is the menu for the evening! Keep in mind if you want any alcohol during the show that it is a cash only service.
The dragon's blood, or tomato bisque is the first course. Piping hot, warm and creamy made this a perfect way to start dinner!
The show has begun! They start off with two animal demonstrations. The first one is with this white horse and then the castle's falconer comes out! The falcon flies all around the tournament guests and is very cool to see!
Next comes a slice of the castle bread which is a warm piece of garlic bread!
The introductions of the knights!
Our champion for the evening, The Blue Knight! We yelled and cheered for our knight while booing all the other knights!
Lil Oishi is ready to dig into his baby dragon, a half a chicken. Tender and moist and perfectly seasoned!
A herb-basted potato and a BBQ spare rib made up the rest of the dinner entree! Both were seasoned nicely and both tasted so good! I polished off my entire plate while the tournament continued!

I was pleasantly surprised by how good the food was especially for a place that is mass producing and serving a meal to hundreds of people per night! I ended up fairly full after dinner!
The knights begin to set up for jousting!
This leads us to a duel to the death! One of the coolest things I learned is that the sparks created during the fight sequences are actually created by the knights themselves by the sheer speed and power of the swords and other weapons clanging into one another!

Sadly, this is where our champion fell!
For dessert we were served a delicious apple turnover! I also got a cup of coffee! Just a perfect way to wind down from a great night of food and a very exiting tournament!
One by one the knight fall until there is one who is truly victorius!
He then challenges the threat to the kingdom!
The knight is victorious and then the threat is taken care of! The kingdom is safe once again!
Clearly a great time was had by all especially me! Too bad our knight was defeated in battle!
Lil Oishi had such a great time and cannot wait to return!
Here is what I was given for the seats and for the upgrade to the Royalty Seats!

The crown is given to anyone, but the Royalty Package includes the flag, a behidn the scenes dvd and a commemorative program!

My first experience at Medieval Times was a winner! I cannot wait to go back again! If you are looking for a good dinner, with a great show and a great way to spend a night with a bunch of great friends then look no further!

Check out the website below and they always have special deals so you never know what they will be offering!

Medieval Times

7662 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA 90620
(866) 731-9313

*Disclaimer: The tickets and the upgrade were provided to me by Medieval Times! The photos and the review are strictly my own opinion!*

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