Sunday, November 11, 2012

Review: Sweet! Hollywood Candy Store!

Talk about being a kid in a candy store - literally! Sweet! Hollywood bills themselves as the world's greatest "candy entertainment" store! I think they're right! The ambiance and the sheer amount of candy makes this a one of a kind stop if you are ever in Hollywood! Heck, I would drive up there just to get candy! Oh and on Friday I did just that! Located in the Hollywood and Highland, you will have no problems finding the store as signs everywhere take you to one of the many entrances! And be prepared to spend hours in here! Not only is there the main store but there are three smaller stores across the way as well! Well enough talk, let's look at some photos!
Now that's a Sasaki Time sized Tootsie Pop!
What candy do I get?
I CRUNCHED the Crunch bar and proud of it!
 Japanese Kit Kats! I have died and gone to heaven! Green Tea Kit Kats are my favorite!
So many Pez dispensers!
You will find all sorts of retro candy and sodas here!
I got a Golden Egg!
I love how they display the Wonka bars in the Wonka Room! That's right the Wonka Room!
You will find these amazing artisan truffle chocolates in the Wonka Room!
How many of these would you buy?
I decided on only one Wonka bar for myself!
This is in the Yucky room where you will find the most disgusting candy!
Bacon everything!
Super Mario Power Up Energy Drink? Yes, please!
So sad this game wasn't working! I'll be back!
Make Your Own Chocolate Bars? Next time for sure!
Check out all of the options to make your own chocolate bar! What would you use?
Not a fan of the kid's only door! Lol!
Stay Puft Marshamallows? Yes, please!
I had to take a photo with the big guy!
So much Japanese candy to choose from!
 They have a whole international section of candy and cookies from various countries around the world!
I wonder if one of these boxes of cookies will be enough? Better get two!
Chocolate high heels? I can think of a couple of friends that would love one of these!

Super amazing store! I will stop here every single time I go to The El Cap or on my home from a movie there! These photos do not even begin to touch upon the sheer amounts of candy and other items that Sweet! Hollywood offers! Make sure you check them out and pick up something for me! Thanks!

Check out their web site at the link below:


Sweet! Hollywood
6801 Hollywood Boulevard
Suite 201
Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 809-4380


Sun-Thu 10am-9pm
Fri-Sat 10am-10pm

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