Friday, November 2, 2012

Star Wars Roller Coaster Concept!

I would like to point out and stress that this is only a concept and not leaked plans or anything like that. It would be far too early to discuss what new Star Wars attractions would be built at Disney Parks!

This is only a concept created by Jonathan Gordon – – a company that "offers new and innovative amusement rides and attractions for customers that demand the latest and greatest". Their rides are based on proprietary designs that they develop in-house. They work "with the finest engineering and manufacturing firms in the amusement industry to ensure the creation of a product that is second to none".

The above is a concept of the X-Wing fighter vehicle for his Star Wars Warring Coaster. As you can see on the pictures above and below, the concept looks like a dueling coaster but in fact it's more than that, it is a "warring coaster" which Jonathan on his web site describes like this: "The Warring Coaster concept takes an armed conflict from a film or a story and allows riders to live it. Through the use of multiple trains on multiple tracks, giant themed arenas, animatronics, interactive laser gun systems, and much, much more, the Battle of the Death Star* from Star Wars* roars to life! This is the ultimate in themed rides and roller coasters combined."
Each Guests is given their own mounted laser gun to shoot at the enemy.
 Each hit from the turret guns to the vehicles would tally additional points which would be counted in the final count. At the end of each ride, depending who is the winner (based on the number of points), either the Death Star will "explode" - with the use of lighting and pyrotechnic effects - or, if the Empire wins it will be the rebel planet base which will "explode" thanks to projection effects.
And how could it be a warring dueling coaster without an enemy? Here is a look at the Tie fighter Vehicle concept! In the queue area you would have to make a choice of being part of the Republic or the Empire!
Here is one last look at the dueling portion of the track! This is part of the trench sequence! You would finally get your chance to go down the Death star trench and shoot the gun turrents!
An amazing concept that would be hampered by cost and the fact that the layout would have to be massive in order to keep hourly counts up or this queue would be the worse wait in the galaxy!

All pictures and patent drawings: copyright GordonRides, LLC 2009 - all rights reserved

* Death Star, Star Wars are trademarks of their respective owners who do not endorse GordonRides LLC, nor are they in any way connected with GordonRides. Concepts presented in The Warring Coaster are the subject of several pending patent applications owned by Jonathan Gordon, the principal of GordonRides.

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