Friday, November 9, 2012

Disney Characters Auditioning for Star Wars!

With all this talk of Disney buying Star Wars - we decided to end the speculation and offer a first look at a Disneyfied Star Wars.

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Host - Hal Rudnick
Snow White - Fiona Gubelmann
Iago & Donald Duck - Piotr Michael -
Goofy & Mickey Mouse - Brock Baker -
Sebastian - Michael Landon
Eeyore - Alex Weed
Mary Poppins - Jodi Jett
Marcin - Jack Sparrow
Donald Duck Costume work - Javier Rubio-Bernal
Goofy Costume work - Diego Valaguez
Mickey Costume work - Dan Perrault

Created & Directed by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner
Written by Andy Signore, Brett Weiner, Dan Perrault and Hal Rudnick
Produced by Phil Marlett
Edited by Dan Murrell & Brett Weiner
Music by Sean Motley
Drawings by Todd Spence

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