Sunday, November 4, 2012

Disneyland Resort Trip Report November 3rd, 2012

Hi everybody! After a ton of requests I am bringing you my very first photo report from The Disneyland Resort! I am not trying to compete with any of the major fan sites already out there but to bring to you the photos that you have requested the most! So sit back and enjoy!
 I started my day at Earl of Sandwich! Already my favorite place to grab a bite to eat and it's really affordable! Sandwiches are $6.99! But expect a line of at least 30 minutes depending on the time of day!
Here is the Holiday Sandwich! This is my favorite and it's only offered the last three months out of the year! The sandwich is a Thanksgiving Dinner in a bun! The turkey is juicy and moist and combined with stuffing, cranberries and gravy! It's delicious! I also threw in a bag of chips and some pasta salad!
After lunch it was time to board the monorail in Downtown Disney and take a quick trip to Tomorrowland to take a photo with the stars of Wreck-It Ralph! Already one of my favorite animated movies!
It said there was a 10 minute wait! More like a minute wait! I hear that the wait can be substantial though. I just lucked out!

They have a few of the retro games that were over in Disney California Adventure during elecTRONica!
My friend Brian and I hanging out with Ralph! Top Shelf!
And my favorite glitch Vanellope was there as well!
They have several of the actual Fix-It Felix, Jr. games on hand! I'm gonna play it!
I want one of these for my place! Can anyone make that happen?
Lots of merchandise for Wreck-It Ralph!
More merch!
They have plush for all of the racers from Sugar Rush! They all have a different scent!
I want it all!
Time to head out of Disneyland to Disney California Adventure! But going through The Hub I see something out of the ordinary! They are filming for the Christmas Day Parade! The first weekend in November is when they usually film the Disneyland segments for the Christmas Day Parade!
A quick look at the stage set up in front of the castle!
Letting us know there is filming going on today!
Made my way through the crowds over to Disney California Adventure and Buena Vista Street already has some of its Holiday merchandise out!
Christmas came early once again it seems!
I love this sweatshirt!
Christmas cards with a great vintage look to them!
Here is another set of Christmas cards themed to Buena Vista Street! I love the artwork being carried throughout several different pieces of merchandise!
I might have to buy this shirt!
Not sure if this is a drinking glass or for me to place small candle in!
Might have to pick up this ornament as well!
Hmmm I could use a throw as well!
Here is where the Christmas tree is going on Buena Vista Street!
Over in Car Land, the Christmas lights are already up in front of the Curio Shop!
I hope the drive around Mater looks like this in a few weeks!
I also hope Lightning looks like this driving down Route 66!
Anyone need a new stocking?
Must have!
I love Wall-e and Eve!
Stitch is another one of my favorites!

I hope you enjoyed my first photo trip report!

The Holiday Season and Entertainment officially begin November 12th! I'll be in the parks taking photos from the first day of the holidays and bringing you another trip report then! If there is anything you want me to focus on please let me know

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