Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Movie Review: "Big Hero 6" Brings Animation, Marvel and a Big Heart to the Big Screen

Over the past several years we have watched the Walt Disney Animation Studios redefine itself. Disney has been showing us that they are more than just princesses, fairy tales and musicals. They took us into the world of video games with Wreck-It Ralph and now they take us into the world inspired by a Marvel comic book. Last year while most Disney fans had never heard of Big Hero 6 and even more Marvel fans found the title to be obscure, come November 7th, everyone will know the name Big Hero 6.

Though the title and the characters are taken from the comic book, the story is original. Also, this movie is not tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe so you won't see Baymax and Iron Man fighting side by side in the future. But because it has ties to Marvel, look for the all important Marvel cameo and of course you have to stay to see the post-credit scene. I won't spoil either one here but you are going to love them both! But be warned, if you blink you will miss the cameo, But then again the post-credit scene will reveal all if you miss the cameo!

But off to the review!

We are introduced to the city of San Fransokyo, a city based off the real San Francisco but with Japanese designs. You have never seen a more complex animated city that just feels alive and breathing.

This then leads us to the introduction of our hero, the 14-year old Hiro Yamada, a boy genius who spends his nights showing off his skills in the illegal Bot Fights. His older brother, Tadashi, a brilliant student at San Fransokyo Tech, wants his younger brother to stop wasting his talent and join him at the university. Hiro thinks it's a Nerd School, but changes his mind once he gets a tour by his brother. For the first time Hiro gets exposed to what Tadashi and his friends are creating. They are pushing the boundaries using the latest that science has to offer.

Tadashi's friends are made up of a very eclectic bunch including GoGo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred. The work that Tadashi and his friends are doing inspire Hiro to finally put his skills to good use. Hiro is inspired to create something revolutionary. When he finally gets to show off his groundbreaking creation, there is a horrible accident and Tadashi is lost.

Hiro is devastated and finds himself in possession of his brother's pet project, an inflatable robot named Baymax, who is programmed to take care of people. With the help of Baymax, Hiro sets out to stop whoever was behind the accident. They discover a villain and Hiro decides to upgrade Baymax to turn him into a crime fighter. This of course goes against everything that Baymax is programmed to be.

Tadashi's friends also join Hiro and Baymax to form a crime fighting team. They are really there to add more of an emotional support system than anything else. But they also add to some fantastic action sequences worthy of a Disney and a Marvel movie.

The movie is filled with humor as to be expected from both Disney and Marvel. There was a lot of heart which I was not expecting. The movie covers some deep themes about loss and staying true to your morals.

The renaissance of Disney animation started with Meet The Robinsons and continues to surprise us with each and every movie. Big Hero 6 continues this trend with memorable characters and a story that can lead easily into a sequel. So, in response to Baymax, I am satisfied with my care. You and your family will be as well.

Big Hero 6 opens in theatres November 7th, 2014.

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