Sunday, November 30, 2014

Unofficial Harry Potter Day in Disneyland 11/2/2014

Once Upon A Time there was an Unofficial Day at Disneyland that centered around the World of Harry Potter. Sadly November 2nd, 2014 was the last one, well at least the last one put on by this group. Maybe another group will continue the tradition? One never can tell but let's take a look at some of the Magic my friends Kristen, Stephanie and I made inside both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.
This adventure all started one day when an owl delivered this letter to me. Ok, well I made this myself but you get the idea. The letter that I had been waiting  for my entire life. The letter that said I was accepted into Hogwarts!
And there is no better way to celebrate than to head to the local Starbucks in the parks to create pumpkin juice! It is a very refreshing beverage on any day!
The girls are ready to take the train to school!
All aboard! We totally got photobombed by the kid behind me!
This looks like a great place to wake the supernatural!
The statue reminds me of a dementor.
How fitting for Kristen, the Gryffindor!
Our Slytherin, Stephanie found a snake over at the Temple of The Forbidden Eye.
Then she ran into her head master, Professor Snape!
The castle is always a magical place.
It's suppose to be a power pose. Yeah, I didn't think it worked either!
I then tried my hand at removing the sword from the stone.
Tired of doing magic we boarded another train!
Then we headed to the magic shop and I found this fantastic book on magic wands!
Someone looks bored writing down her spells.
Yeah, I did that!
We all know you are up to no good!
The girls are perfecting their spells!
Stephanie looks like she is about to fly up into the air near the magic mirror!
Kristen is not pleased that I interrupted her reading!
I, on the other hand, was way too tired from all of my reading!
Almost got it!
Stephanie has made fire and Kristen is most pleased!
I will not be out done!
In the end, I ended up in prison some how. Maybe someone will take pity upon me and free me!

It truly was a magical day! We had a great time on the last Unofficial Harry Potter Day in Disneyland! By simply looking around you can find some great Harry Potter type areas in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure! I hope you enjoyed the day with us!

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  1. This is very creative and awesome! How did you manage to get Snape?