Monday, November 7, 2011

Burger King Honors Statue Of Liberty's 125th Birthday With Crown

Burger King might be a little late to the festivities, but that doesn't discount them from what might take the cake for the grandest of all tributes honoring the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.
The fast food giant has constructed a massive crown 15 feet high by 19 feet wide, that starting Monday will float along the Hudson River making its way towards Liberty Island to celebrate the Lady's birthday. So if you think that terrorists have spiked the drinking water with LSD, don't call 311. That really is a giant Burger King crown floating in the Hudson.
The crown, which, has a circumference of 60 feet, hopes to set a record for the world's largest crown.
Last month, New Yorkers paid tribute in a less quirky fashion with a patriotic, 12-minute fireworks display, five high-tech webcameras, and a naturalization ceremony for 125 immigrants on Liberty Island.
Burger King has also donated $125,000 to the statue's restoration fund.

Check out the photo of the Burger King crown below!

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