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Review of the Discovery Science Center’s Star Wars exhibit. By Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

Review of the Discovery Science Center’s Star Wars exhibit.
By Brian Hayes, Staff Writer

    On Thursday November 17th  I had the privilege to cover the Discovery Science Center’s exhibit “ Star Wars:  Where Science Meets Imagination” for Sasaki Time.  This is the first major exhibit for this museum under the leadership of President Joe Adams.  And this exhibit does not disappoint.
DSC President Joe Adams
    The opening gala was very well done. When we arrived, we were greeted by a red carpet. Once inside there was a reception on the first floor where we were treated to hors d’ouerves and drinks ranging from water to wine.  Me and my fellow correspondent, Anthony Pham, were also greeted by the staff and members 501st Imperial Storm Trooper Brigade in costume.  This was a really nice touch. 
The "Han" burgers
Darth and I hanging out
    While we were waiting for the festivities to begin, we were able to explore the rest of the museum on the second floor.  For a small museum I found it to be quite a fascinating place.  There was a lot of things to do such as exploring space, finding out about weather, training for the NHL, and shopping at a grocery store.  All the exhibits are hands on.  Not only can children enjoy them but adults can get involved as well.  I found myself playing with some of the exhibits and found them fun to do.  I loved all the interaction.
Our credentials and commemorative ticket
The press kit for the event
    Now, it was time for the opening ceremonies. After a speech by the president of the museum, we were then let into the exhibit on the first floor.  According to President Joe Adams, they added 2 new exhibit rooms to make room for this exhibit. They used the space really effectively.  As you walk into the first exhibit area, you are greeted by the Millennium Falcon and Imperial Star Destroyer models.  Next to them are models of 2 prototype spacecraft that maybe one day will be carrying future astronauts to the stars.  And that is the whole point of the exhibit.  It is to show how a movie like Star Wars has influenced science.
It's the ship that made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs
More Rebel ships
    There are about over a 100 artifacts from Star Wars, as well as the real world, throughout the exhibit.  There are costumes that have not been seen in years, such as the Han and Che
Get a closer look at Luke's landspeeder
    They also show you how people live in the planetary environments in videos strategically placed throughout the exhibit.  These videos are very informative and entertaining.
   In keeping with the mission of the museum, there are interactive parts to the exhibit.  In each room there are places where you can make your own hovercraft, design your own robot, build a spaceport, moisture farm, or a Jawa town.
Working with robots
building a Jawa community
Static Stability
   I tried to build a maglev car but it did not work.  It was fun to try.  I did see the video on how to make one from the press CD provided to us.  Now I want to go back and try it again. 

    Overall, it was a wonderful exhibit.  It was very interactive and entertaining at the same time.  Seeing the artifacts from Star Wars brought back a lot of good memories of enjoying these films and why I am a fan.  By hosting this exhibit The Discovery Science Center is increasingly becoming a major Orange County point of interest.  In my opinion, this museum is a nice venue to host this exhibit.  I enjoyed not only the exhibit but the whole museum as well.  And I have been to lot of museums in my life including the Museum of Science in Boston who put together this traveling exhibit.  The exhibit will be here until April 15th.  I definitely recommend seeing this exhibit and enjoy the memories you will have.

    I would like to thank Joe Adams, President; Dan Nasitka, Manager of Public and Community Relations; and the staff of The Discovery Science Center for inviting us to the event.  I would also like to thank the Museum of Science, Boston and Lucasfilm Ltd. for putting this exhibit together.

   Until next time, this is Brian signing off and May The Force Be With You!

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