Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Review of The Muppets movie!

I grew up a Muppets fan. From watching the television show, to the movies, to enjoying MuppetVision 3D in Florida and California. This movie, quite simply, brought back my childhood. I can honestly say that this has been the most charming, heartfelt movie I have seen all year and I see a lot of movies (over 100 this year alone).
This is the first Muppets movie in 12 years I'm glad they waited this long to bring out another film. The Muppets restores everything that I loved about The Muppets. The way that these characters can have you laughing in the aisles one moment and then have you shed a tear the next because you can relate to their struggles. The plot is simple and feels classic like any of the first Muppet movies. The movie follows two brothers Gary (Jason Segel) and Walter, who wants to reunite the Muppets after finding the Muppets Studio is in total disrepair. Walter discovers that an evil oil businessman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) wants the land that the original Muppet Studios sits upon. In order to save the Studio, Gary, Walter and Kermit reunite the Muppets to put on a telethon.
If this film is about anything, it is about our cynical world. We learn that what people want are things that are hard edged and not soft and family friendly. Kermit wonders what he did wrong and doesn't think that they can get the old gang back. We see old friendships that have fallen apart being rebuilt and set up some truly touching moments in the movie.
The film lets Kermit and friends take center stage. The human characters are portrayed in such a campy yet fun way, they let the Muppets shine! Plus, there is no use of the latest CG here, just Muppeteering Magic at it's finest. As an added bonus, there is also no use of 3D. It's nice to see magic in 2D. It's also refreshing to see that a movie can be so captivating simply based on the personalities of the characters.
And what would a Muppets movie be without music? The songs in this movie are amazing! Many of them written by the talented Bret McKenzie, the creative genius behind Flight of The Concords. The best song is clearly "Life's A Happy Song" which should get an Oscar nomination for Best Song. This song is an anthem for everything that is beautiful and charming about the Muppets. The lyrics are fun and bouncy, and full of heart! The oddest song is "Man or Muppet" which I don't want to spoil for you, but is done in a very fun and creative way. Fozzie's version of Rainbow Connection is unexpected but totally funny! Two songs during the telethon are even more unexpected but at the same time what you would expect from The Muppets! Taking well known songs and putting that Muppets twist on them by presenting them in a totally different way that you would never expect! The barbershop rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the amazing, yes I said amazing, rendition of "Forget You" will have you laughing! Plus, you get classic renditions of Rainbow Connection and Mah na Mah na! These classic songs will make you want to sing out loud! Just a great soundtrack that I have been listening to everyday since I got it!
I have been waiting for years for The Muppets to come back and break through the clutter of endless reboots and the reality television to show that their humor, social parody, music and to keep giving the world the third greatest gift, laughter are still very much relevant today! Jason Segel and his team have given us a film that lives up to the legacy that Jim Henson created! This ranks as one of my favorite Muppets films of all-time!

In the end, the world that Jim Henson created, comes to life once more! Welcome back Muppets! It's been far too long!

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