Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bruxie influences Walt Disney World's latest food items?

From the Disney Parks Blog

The new menu at Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square in The Magic Kingdom features something new, well at least not to SoCal foodies, waffles!It looks as if Bruxie's influence has reached the Magic Kingdom!

Quoting from the article on the Disney Parks Blog:
“We saw waffle sandwiches in California and decided they’d be a perfect fit for the Magic Kingdom,” says Executive Chef Robert Adams. “Guests love them!”

For breakfast there is a prosciutto egg omelet waffle sandwich.

Lunchtime offers fried chicken with an Asian kick, creamy slaw and peppery arugula.

Fans of Nutella, the gooey, Italian hazelnut-chocolate spread, will enjoy the fruit and Nutella sandwich – strawberries and chocolate folded into a perfect sweet combo.

There is a ham and cheese version using ham, salty prosciutto and cheese.

They are considering a PB & J version next as well as a few other secret items. I wonder if we will see a pulled pork or a pastrami like at Bruxie?

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